Technology Distracts us from Others

For the most part everyone in today’s society has to deal with technology in some way or form. Everyone has their own view of technology whether it be good or bad. One of the biggest problems technology brings us, as stated in Reclaiming Conversation, is the problem of lack of a good, well thought out conversation. A bunch of teachers at a school started to notice something weird and they noted that “students seem to understand each other less” (6) and this is because they are not looking at each other and trying to understand what the other person is trying to express through body language and facial expressions. It is creating a gap in the ability to fully conversate because on the rare occurrences people are fully invested into a conversation most people are not able to fully grasp the emotion.

I personally have a friend who will always pull out her phone no matter where we are or what we are doing so she does not have an idle mind. We have become used to this idea of constant connection to the internet and everyone around us through our different devices. It gets very frustrating when you are with someone and they are always on their phone and you can’t have a proper conversation with them. People get sucked into their laptops and phones like it is some black hole and their attention gets drained by these devices.

However, these black holes also are good because they have connected us to everyone in the world and unlocked information never before reachable. Sometimes you just have to focus on the negative so change can happen and you’ll get some positive.

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