How Technology Affects Friendship

People now a days are beginning to use their phones more and more and are becoming somewhat afraid of face to face communication. In Reclaiming Conversations they mention having a rule that states “A good friend should keep you off your phone when you are together.” This raises a good point to me but a good part of me feels that my friend should not keep me off my phone. For instance say there is an emergency like a loved one was sent to the hospital and I am focused on my phone I have good reason and would not want one of my friends pestering me trying to get me to get off my phone. I feel that I would get really annoyed with it and snapped especially if my emotions were already running high because someone was in trouble.

However, this article should raise questions on how people interact in todays society. In the book they talked about a girl named Amy who was afraid to talked to guys in person and would try as fast as she could to get them “online” because she felt a lot more comfortable talking to them like that. This raises a question of “Is it really getting to this point?” I am fine with people talking to each other through texting or other instant messengers but if it gets to the point of you having anxiety when you begin talking to someone in person that means it has reached too far. You just need to go out and face your fears by talking to people that you already feel comfortable with and work your way up from there. No one should have to live their social lives behind a screen. Having face to face conversations I feel is better because you get to feel how this other person feels in a way you can not do in text. You feel for people and it makes you more of a relatable person. So people need to face their fears of person to person interaction and start talking to people.

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