Think Rhetorically

I think for the most part people are aware of the different types of rhetoric. When you think about an audience it is easy to know who you are writing for but sometimes it can be hard to write for your audience. If you consider your audience and think about their academic level and what they want to see in your writings. You also have to identify the purpose of writing. Finding out what the type of writing you are doing will help with identifying the purpose of the writing itself. The context of a paper is one of the most important rhetorical situations when it comes to researching the actual paper. You have to use the context to decide wether certain resources are actually good or not and to make sure the audience wouldn’t already know the information.

All of these rhetorical situations seem so easy but they can get to be really hard and confusing. The problem I have had in the past is writing to the proper author and thinking about the author when I write. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a teacher or professor expects of you as a writer especially when I really do not see myself as a good writer. I just get lost and/or distracted when I write and it can become rambling. It happened multiple times last semester in my university writing class. My professor would catch me rambling on and on and would tell me to get organization. Professors and most people like to see organization because it makes it easier to read.

What surprised me the most was all the different types of media that are useable. When you hear media you think of the basics like mass media and digital media. I was surprised to see media such as Spoken Media, Artistic Media, and Video Conferencing Media. Those are stuff you would see on the regular but just do not really associate them with the word media. That broadened the media spectrum for me.

I think this has changed me somewhat because in my past classes I have gone over rhetoric and the rhetorical pyramid. This just gives a good refresher and hopefully I will do better with using the different rhetoric to make my writings sound better and appeal to my audience more. I did not get down rhetoric as much as I would like in past classes but hopefully I can change that in this class.

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