Being Alone

Nowadays when people say there are going to spend time alone, while not using their phone, people assume something is up with the person. They would just assume the person is depressed or going through a tough time. Sherry Turkle maybe just the right person to change the view on solitude. She states that “solitude is important for everyone” and that when in solitude “it’s the time you become familiar and comfortable with yourself” (pg.61). People are having a harder and harder time of discovering a “stable sense of self” due to the feeling of constant need to fill the void of boredom. People tend to fill the void with a piece of technology like a phone, tablet, or computer. It is now a big trend to use your phone when you go outside because you feel like you are doing something healthy when in reality it is not the same as it would be without your piece of technology. Turkle talks about a kid who goes outside to a park and is standing under a tree with a phone in hand. She says that to others this is essentially a “do not disturb sign” and counts him out from doing something to get the blood flowing.

It is not necessarily the parents fault for making the kids become addicted to technology but rather it is a combination of everyone for making it the norm in society. People fill gaps of boredom with technology. For instance, when I walk into the elevator or I am waiting for the elevator in my building I find myself, along with other people also waiting, pulling out a phone trying to tone down the awkwardness and to kill time waiting for the elevator. Paul Tillich said that “‘loneliness’ [is used] to express the pain of being alone” and that “‘solitude’ [is used] to express the glory of being alone.” I agree with these chapters because I experience the exact stuff she is talking about on a daily basis. It is easy to spot someone trying to fill a time void by using their phone even when they’re walking. It is honestly becoming a huge problem and it is deterring people from discovering who they really are and we as a society are becoming less aware of the problem.

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