Changes in Education with Technology

Sherry Turkle talks about in the first section about how we as people always to try to multitask by using their cell phones and doing something else. As a college student I can testify that I witness and partake in the attempt to, what most people would call, multitasking. The hardest part is the temptation to use my phone during class. In college I do not do it nearly as much as I would in high school but for some people they can not keep their hands off of their phones. With much of the educational materials moving to electronic platforms it increases the temptation to become distracted. Turkle talks about a student who said “it is hard to concentrate in class when you are holding a device that you associate with games and messaging.”

Distraction or fractured attention is being coined by people as something known as “Hyper Attention” which is defined as distractions by digital and electronic medias. I found it interesting that some teachers want kids to daydream because they said “they might be making the private connection that pulls the course together for them.” Where I think that is possible I think it is also very optimistic because I know when I start to daydream that is for the most part not related to the class at all and I feel like I miss important information. I do think that summoning deep attention is harder especially in our society which is circled around 140 character tweets and short 7-10 second videos. That is why we tend to “graze” through social medias and our feeds. We graze through pretty much anything it is essentially the same exact thing as skimming. This is bad because students tend to miss out on critical information and can lead to many of their teachers becoming frustrated. When students do not know the information it leads to weak arguments because they are not confident in what they say.

We as a generation tend to graze or skim because of our short attention spans. We want to get to the end, or answer, as fast as possible so we can move on. As I write this blog post I want to get it over with as soon as possible but I came to the realization that if I take my time and just write my thoughts I am more satisfied with what I write and my confidence for the post is even greater.

One of the biggest problems universities face is the lack of attention that students give during classes because students are always tempted to get out their phone. They feel like they can not help it and have to get their phones out. I find that problem very relevant to my life and I am glad universities have established MOOC’s so that students who feel the same way as I do. The world as we know it is changing at a rapid pace with the main catalyst being technology. Collaboration is now primarily happens electronically. Even in my short life so far I have seen a big change in technology. Adjustment is the hardest thing about the face pace change with technology. It’s just something we’ll have to get used to.

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