Online “Action” and Communication

Our lives have been changed and shaped to revolve around digital technology. Pretty much everyone remembers the whole “Kony 2012” movement especially if you were on any sort of social media platform or talked to other people. This whole movement created an online craze that prompted people to share the video and created this online activism sort of idea. The whole thing was created to spread word and hopefully lead to change to help the people in Africa affected by Kony himself. The problem with online activism is that people wanted to be connect via the internet but didn’t actually want to have a physical connection with the efforts except maybe donations. I was one of the people who did not really want to engage with the efforts in the physical world. I watched the whole 30 minute documentary but I did not get signs to put out or send a message to my senators or representatives. What led to a mass support was the idea of our world being a catastrophe culture where we live for having “emergencies” because that puts our priority higher. This phenomenon is lead by the media who “supports a view of the world as a series of emergencies that we can take on, one by one.” The catastrophe culture puts us into an almost constant feeling of being apart of “a state of emergency.” I personally do not think that is good to have as a society because we are at a point where we are practically living in fear from things such as terrorists to something like a natural disaster. It is like a society that is in a nonstop panic.

Privacy for people will always be a main issue for people because it is a necessity as a human being to have some sort of privacy to feel comfortable. Companies gather data that you leave behind while browsing the internet. We “give up all privacy for convenience.” Google gathers information on you to tailor ads to stuff you would like to make you more likely to click on the ads. Information has come out on how the government tracks people due to Edward Snowden sharing with everyone on how they track us. People try to take the right steps in gaining more privacy but we will never be truly private on the internet because we have to connect somewhere and we will always leave a trace.

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