How Much does the Internet Get

Since we first brought up the  topic of browsing the internet and how much privacy you get when doing so I thought that would be a good issue to learn more about. I was drawn to this topic because my major will be computer science and I am leaning to the specialization of cyber security so that is right up my alley. I have also personally wondered how much information companies get from us because we agree to the terms and agreement. It would also be interesting to  see how much information they are legally allowed to get and to see if any of the companies like google or others will bend the rules to get all that they need. I would also look more into what these companies do with all this information and data that they gain from us just simply using our phones or going onto the internet.

This would lead me to look into stuff to protect your privacy and what the average person can do to protect their data. For most people they do not care if these companies take their information because they want to use their services or product so we as the consumer are kind of trapped. Another majority of people do not realize what these companies are taking because they do not read the fine print or the terms of service (which I do not read either).

I would also be interested in the psychological need to be on a phone or piece of technology. It would be cool to see the effects of what this need does to our brains and how many people actually try to prevent it and not use their technology. I see people on their phones all the time whether they are walking or talking and I personally am guilty of it.

These two topics connect in the sense that people are addicted to technology and need to use it. They careless if companies take their data as long as they get to use their product or service. It is a mind game companies are playing with the consumer. So it would be intriguing to see how each correlate with each other and the mental effects of the technology addiction.

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