What is Inquiry?

In the NPR segment Talk of the nation they talk about “Seeking Revenge In The ‘Underworld’ Of Stolen Bikes.” Thieves stole a writer’s bike and he was determined and invested into finding out more about New York Cities stolen bike epidemic. He wound up finding and looking into the black market of stolen bikes. Bikes are a hot commodity on the black market because they can go for a lot and relatively easy to take. I think the writer Patrick Symmes had a pretty obvious guiding question because it was the title of his piece which was names “Who Pinched My Ride?” He used this question to find out more of what happens to bikes when they are stolen because his own bike was stolen.

When I think of “Inquiry” I think of someone asking a question and that same person or maybe even a different person finding out the so to speak “answer” to that question. I think that the stolen bike piece does represent an inquiry. He had a question “what happens to stolen bikes?” and he figured it out by doing research and finding out where these stolen bikes go.

Stuff that I would consider inquiring about usually do not have to deal with writing about it but it usually is stored in my head or sent as a text to someone or said in conversation. I usually will inquire about stats for a certain sport or the history of certain teams or players. One of the things I have inquired about most is the MLS (major league soccer) expansion. They are looking at expanding 2 more teams but 12 teams/areas submitted applications including Charlotte and Raleigh. As a Raleigh, I was very interested on what it takes for them to get the MLS expansion bid and the competition that they were up against. So I researched this topic and looked into it a lot more than an average person or even someone who was somewhat interested. I dove deep to find different articles and statistics about each city.

Another examples of inquiries I found actually also has to deal with the bike theft in New York City. A youtuber by the name of Casey Neistat created this video to show how people would just walk by people stealing a bike and the thief would just get away with it. Surprisingly the police did not catch him as much as one would think. He took an issue he had he turned it into a question of “would people try to stop someone stealing a bike?” and he researched it by trying to steal his own bike. This is just a different way that people show their inquiries and findings.

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