Research Log #1

I am doing my inquiry research on how much privacy we get on the internet. The article I found is titled “US Internet Users Deeply Worried About Digital Privacy” and can be found here. The article was published on February 2, 2017 by Alison McCarthy under the publisher eMarketer. eMarketer is a “market research company” that gives “trends related to digital marketing, media and commerce.” Essentially what they do is look at data they gather about marketing and media mainly only dealing with digital platforms. The most important information that this article points out is that the people trust corporations more than they trust the government. 25% of people who were asked the question of would you be willing to share your personal information in exchange for some sort of reward said yes they would. This raises the question of “do people care about their privacy online?”

The article did pull in information from different surveys from different organizations who completed these surveys. They have put the additional sources in info graphics on the side as well as including them within the actually article itself. Reading this source makes me want to research more on how many people actually care about privacy. Also, I think it would be interesting to see how much of their privacy people are willing to give up on the internet. I think some of the terms I have found to make my searches more useful are obviously privacy, and probably something along the lines of security and internet. I do not think finding information on internet privacy will be hard to find because it is such a hot topic especially as our world becomes more and more technology centered.

I think finding information on internet privacy will not be that hard however I think finding specifics that I can relate to what my inquiry project is about might be the most challenging thing about the research. There is already so much out on the web about privacy due to it’s huge importance for a lot of individuals. Overall I do not think it will be a challenge finding sources and information related to privacy. I think it will be interesting to see what I come up with and how much my idea will progress even throughout the project.

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