The Library

During my time at the library at the library what I found most helpful was the thought in my head that this is a work zone. It sounds weird but in my head it helps to see an area as a work zone so I will try to buckle down and do my work. It helps me keep focus and do my best. That to me is the best part of the library. The I did find some promising sources in the library however I did forget to check out a book but there are plenty of sources online that I found that relate to my topic. One source I found that I thought would be interesting is a research study titled “Internet Privacy” by Dr. Johannes Buchmann of Technische Universität Darmstadt, which is a university in Germany. The video about searching for books on the library’s database helped me find the research study. I wanted to find a research study because usually this sources are more factual and the authors usually are experts in their respective fields.

Going into the Atkins library I pretty much knew what to expect. I have been in there plenty of times before so I knew what the different floors were for and I knew that the library has a bunch of resources to offer. My impressions stayed the same except going to the tenth floor to take the photo was pretty cool. That is something that not a lot of people do so it was cool to see. The study rooms on the 10th floor were nice as well because not too many people go there. On the first 3 floors of the library it is just casual studying going along except in the quiet areas. However I have heard people complain about the quiet areas saying that a lot of people don’t really respect that rule. When you get above the 3rd floor that is when the people start becoming more serious about studying because they are trying to get away from the distractions of other people.

I would say that my favorite place in the library would have to be the 10th floor just because it has such a good view and not a lot of people are up there. While I was at the 10th floor I just took a picture and looked around to see what was in there. The glass room with books was pretty cool it was just nice finding a place where a lot of people do not normally go to. I definitely will use the library as a working zone so I can get my homework done and I will more than likely go to the quiet areas on the tenth floor now that I know they exist.

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