Research Log #4

Internet Privacy: Who Sets the Global Standard?

In the article the author talks about how Europe has the best privacy laws and standard. This is made possible through the European Union and their ability to create and enforce laws all over Europe. However it is easy for companies to gather data and intrude on privacy of people within these countries as long as they are in another country where they are fine. Therefore Rossi goes on to say that these laws been formed around these companies and they set the privacy standard.

“The EU is the global standard setter for privacy and data protection.” In this direct quote they are talking about how the European Union has a lead role in establishing privacy for the average citizen. Many people are trying to get the United States Government to help follow and model the European union with their privacy laws. A lot of companies place data distribution centers in Ireland because they don’t have to leave European soil and they do not have to comply with the EU’s privacy laws.

The United States is not following their European counterparts in creating well thought out and helpful internet privacy laws. The United States is making progress but not enough. Many companies are avoiding laws and standards set by the EU for privacy by going elsewhere.

The author is Agustín Rossi who is a PhD candidate at the European University Institute. He is putting together this paper to help him learn and he is also passionate about this kind of stuff. He might be biased due to the fact he is European but he is making good points that people need to see.

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