Research Blog #6

Source 1

This article was written on March 8, 2017 by Jose Pagliery and it talks about the recent WikiLeaks information gathered about the CIA documents spying in on everyday citizens. This not only shows the risk of lack of privacy but also shows the new generation of warfare which is cyber warfare. The CIA has allegedly had the ability to remote hack devices such as phones, and smart TVs, along with many other devices. They could listen in and obviously invade privacy. This was information reveled in the documents obtained by WikiLeaks.


Source 2

This article was published Dec. 19, 2016 and written by Andrew Meola and he goes into depths talking about how IoT (internet of things) will change the way privacy effects us. He talks about how IoT’s give out a lot of information for people to possibly hack and take from us the consumers. He mentions that we put a lot of trust into the corporations that we are giving information to by just using our house.


Source 3

This article was written by Aaron Pressman and published on Sep 30, 2016. It talks about how AT&T customers can sell their privacy to AT&T. They want the ability to gather data from their users of the phone, internet, and cable so AT&T is willing to cut what they are charging you in order to legally obtain this information. They said they will not however track sensitive information like online banking. They just want to be able to put out the most user personalized ads.

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