Research Road Map

The road map helps me visualize and categorize the information and sources gathered about my topic, Internet Privacy. I think that looking at this information I should focus and narrow my topic a little bit more to something more specific so I can gather as much as possible. The thing I like most about my topic is the relevance it has in today’s society. It makes it a lot easier and more interesting to look for up to date articles and information. It is hard to go a day without hearing something regarding internet privacy in the news. Will so much news and so much research coming out at a rapid pace it might make it a little easier to narrow down my research so I can focus on something not as open and broad. I think I need more information on hacking people because that it a huge part in privacy today. I think more academically focused sources would be more useful when it comes to hacking or maybe even some articles would be helpful. I can come at hacking from all kinds of different angles like hacking for money, hacking for information, white hat hackers, ect. there is a lot of different types and means of hacking so I could narrow it down a bit. I could search using any of the terms for hacking and I could also use the different types of hacking.

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