Research Blog #8

Internet Privacy Concerns: An Integrated Conceptualization

This excerpt from a journal was written in 2013 by two professors, one at the university of Nevada and one at the university of Hong Kong. It was published in a peer reviewed journal, Management Information Systems Quarterly.  The internet of things is being given a lot of attention because a good amount of information is being gathered and possibly stored. Companies are using data gathered on the individual. The individuals become content providers to the other companies as personal information is becoming more and more valuable. Many lawsuits have sprung up between these information mining companies that people believe have had their privacy broken unlawfully. The interest of privacy by the public has also risen recently. Most people expect their information to be protected but usually aren’t concerned with their information being taken. The problem with the internet privacy concern is that many people view and want privacy in many different ways.


Internet Privacy Rights: Rights to Protect Autonomy

This book was written by Paul Bernal who is a professor of Information Technology and media law at East Anglia Law School. It was published in 2014. We are at a point in our lives where privacy on the internet has never mattered this much. Our autonomy on the internet affects our emotions directly and indirectly. Privacy can be broken by companies, governments, and just people. People want privacy from the government, and some want privacy from identity thieves. The governments of the world have become accustom to surveillance electronically. The internet as it stands now is no where close to being private which is a problem.

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