Editor’s Introduction

People Watch you Browse the Web

The United Nations established that it is a right for privacy to be protected online and offline. Everything you do on the internet is being gathered and more likely than not stored in a data base. With people connecting their whole house to the internet through the internet of things (IoT’s), more information than ever is gathered which increases the possibility of being hacked. Most people just expect their data and information to be protected but when it is taken they are not concerned. People need to be able to hold these companies accountable.

The problem is that with many of the companies they can pretty much get their way with what they want. They give thousands if not hundred of thousands of dollars to political campaigns trying to get people elected that will have a mindset of similar interests that they want. A lot of telecommunication companies do this in hopes to get legislation passed that will benefit.

Companies Gather History, then Sell It

Any piece of data and/or information that a user leaves behind companies gather, especially when they can use it for financial gain. Companies like google use your internet history to create personal ads so that you are more likely to click on the ads. People like to have personalized ads because they have a belief of individualism. However, using personalized ads can also create a sense of anxiety within a person. Everytime we use the internet it learns more about us so it is important to hold these data miners accountable. A quarter of the people who were asked if they would give up their personal information for a reward, such as money, said yes they would.

Everythings Connected, more People are Interested

Wikileaks released a bunch of documents stating that the CIA has the ability to be able to hack into people’s homes. They have the ability to hack into anyones smart TV or really any smart device. There was multiple computer softwares that the C.I.A. had found vulnerabilities in to be able to hack into someone. CNNMoney published an article talking about the wikileaks vault 7 leak and they mentioned how this is pretty much a sneak peak of the next generation of warfare which is cyberwarfare. The leaks showed the ability that the United States had at the cost of showing classified information.

The possibilities of cyber warfare are also endless. More and more advances in technology are happening everyday. So in a few years who knows what it will look like. Not only this but technology is advancing in almost every aspect. Just in the last year or so the whole idea of having everyday items connected to the internet became more popular. Now you can go out and get a refrigerator that is connected to the internet. Who would have ever thought that would be useful. This maybe useful for the consumer but it does create so much more accessibility for hackers to be able to find out more information on you and to essentially spy on you.

It Always Feels like Somebody’s Watching Me

Companies use personalized ads to make you recognize the ads hoping to make them more effective. This gives them the ability to thrive on what you googled yesterday or an item you were looking at on amazon. They capitalize on this because it will make them more money. That is how google is able to make as much money as they have. They really only make money off of only ads and they are the best at tailoring these ads to what you previously looked at earlier which will most likely be something you are interested in. Like what Sara Watson said in her article her friend saw personalized ads due to a facebook post she made and it gave her a sense of individualism. However, the biggest question is when is gathering all this information an infringement of people’s privacies.