On my infographic I have my original question but I also have the question I would continue my research on which is “why should privacy be important?” I think this is an important question because many people do not realize what internet privacy really means and if they do know what it means they do not realize why it is important. I would research more on how to convince and sway people to realize the impact privacy has. I think many people just take it for granted and think they are not affected by people lurking in on their information and data. No one realizes what is happening and no one cares until they see that it directly affects them, and that is just human nature. Companies and governments are exploiting people for their information and their data. Some hackers even attempt to steal information. Companies are more into the information because they can turn your browsing information into profits and money. Recently I saw that there was legislation being created that would allow internet service providers to be able to sell your browsing history for money. So this would allow anyone, even your next door neighbor, to go to your internet service provider and give them money and allow them to see what you were browsing on the web. I believe that as we become more and more technologically dependent that this issue of internet privacy will become more prevalent in our lives. You do not realize how many different devices we have that connect to the internet until you take a minute and look around. Not only that but every single one of the devices have the possibility to be hacked and accessed remotely by someone you do not know. There is so many different aspects of internet privacy. I just would want to research why people should be worried. 25% of people who were asked the question of would you be willing to share your personal information in exchange for some sort of reward said yes they would (eMarket). I think internet privacy is just something people do not really understand because when you hear internet privacy you think of people trying to hide stuff because they are guilty of something. In most cases this is not true it is just what we see on the news mainly because they are trying to hack into terrorist devices to gather information. The problem is that internet privacy really does not exist because of stuff like that. People value internet privacy because we as humans want to be able to freely do what we want to do without worrying what people can see. When people start worrying about the simplest of things it can affect them mentally. I just want to be able to research more about the topic so that average day people who might not understand the concept will be able to see that privacy is not about hiding something wrong that you have done but rather something just to be comfortable.